Passionate about the making of documentaries

The genre of documentaries can be considered as sole form of television production, where there is no possibility of fiction or fantasy. In the making of the documentaries, the facts of the matters are revealed truthfully.

Every aspect of subject matters is covered to communicate about the product, brand, and services or about the issue in question, if it’s a non-commercial project .The subjects of documentaries are wide and diversified .It can be a political, social, moral, scientific or a Meta physical subject. The information should, however, be communicated through certain facts and figures, if needed.

We, at Thinkbox Communications, adapt the conventional method of making a documentary. First step is to know the objective and target audience, after knowing the details of the product attributes, scope of the services, if the documentary is regarding some specific service, or the pre-production research, if the documentary is about some political ideology or some historical event.

Generally, when the documentary is sponsored or commissioned by a group for their brands, services or institutions. The custodians, is it branded or projects managers or head of the institutions, they are clear about the most elementary element, which is, why the documentary is being made. The clarity of the objective, tells everything in the first instance and it becomes, half of the brief.

The clarity of the objective to the sponsors of the documentary is not sufficient, unless it is profoundly communicated to the team of script writers and creative managers. The written and verbal communication in the shape of brief is very critical before the inception of script writing.

For the professional commercial writers, the writing of script for a documentary, in conventional manners is quite a task, depending upon all the dynamics and dimensions of the subject matter. It first of all involves research and insights. The script in documentary is very important, as the scene fabrication, visualization and all the shooting arrangements are dependent on script. Paper work is very basic need, completing the paper work means locking the script and camera is ready to roll.

As discussed earlier that documentary in its genre doesn't provide any room for the fiction or fantasy. However, since every video is meant to be made for certain audience , therefore a certain kick start is always preferred to get the attention or diversion of the audience and there indulgence as well in the documentary video .Do we mean to dramatize ,the first sequence or scenes , its actually not the case .

While, developing the script, the beginning of a documentary should be a big-bang. It’s just the opening title of the movie or its promotion to grab the required attention .It does not mean to make it a fiction or to make it look unreal. The big idea is to bring out the facts , those are supposedly unknown to the targeted audience ,presenting the chosen and unique facts , ( usp )( unique selling in the marketing language ),in most articulate manner , that it gets a stunning effect in start and ensure the viewer glued to screen till the end .

In commercial documentary films, making of the title, promo, montage, would not be a bad idea to start with. The modern techniques of editing and work of after effects could be employed to get the best curtain raiser.

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